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Honeywell HAC-504AW Compatible 4 Pack

Perfect Replacement for Honeywell® HAC-504, HAC-504AW & HAC-501V1 Filters

Made from high-quality, durable material, these filters are compatible with the below Honeywell® humidifier models:

HCM-300 Series: HCM-300T, HCM-305T, HCM-310T, HCM-315T, HCM-350, HCM-350B, HCM-350W & HCM-450BCST

HCM-500 Series: HCM-530, HCM-535, HCM-535-20, HCM-540, HCM-550, HCM-550-19, HCM-551, & HCM-560

HCM-600 Series: HCM-630, HCM-631, HCM-632, HCM-632TG, HCM-635, HCM-640BW, HCM-645, HCM-646, & HCM-650

HCM-700 Series: HCM-710

HCM-1000 Series: HCM-1000, HCM-1000C, & HCM-1010

HCM-2000 Series: HCM-2000C, HCM-2001, HCM-2002, HCM-2020, HCM-2050, HCM-2051, HCM2052, HEV-312, & HEV-355

Enviracaire Series: ECM-250i


Rigid Construction Reduces Sagging

Rigid absorbent paper reduces sagging once wet while maximizing your Honeywell's(R) moisure output


Tips for Daily Use

For best results, flip filter daily to reduce molding, use antimicrobial capsules (sold separately) and use distilled water


Package Contents

4 premium humidifier filters


Disclaimer: This is not a Honeywell® OEM product. The Honeywell® and Enviracaire® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Honeywell® and Enviracaire® brand names or model designations for this product are made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. Packaging may vary, performance does not.