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[10 Pack] Demineralization Cartridge for Humidifier Without Plastic - Humidifier Demineralization Bags to Extend Life of Filter - Demineralizer for Humidifiers to Prevent Hard Water & White Dust

  • Remove White Dust -- Stop dealing with reduced moisture output. Our demineralization filter bags will help absorb harmful minerals in your machine. They are an effective humidifier hard water treatment and prevent white dust build-up
  • Extends Life Of Your Filters -- Do you feel like you are constantly replacing your humidifier filters? This is because they are being hardened by minerals. Crusty and yellow, they become ineffective very quickly. Our humidifier demineralizer bags remove hardness from water, which keeps your filters working for longer
  • Better For The Planet -- A typical humidifier demineralization cartridge comes wrapped in a plastic shell. After it's fully used, it becomes unnecessary scrap. That's why we designed our humidifier drop ins as bags with no cartridge casing. Less waste and less impact on the Earth
  • Universal Usage -- Durabasics mineral filter bags are compatible with Homedics, Pure, and Homech ultrasonic humidifiers. They can be used with any brand or model. Just place them into the water tank
  • Don’t Break The Bank -- Our humidifier demineralization treatment bags reduce the number of new filters you need to buy. Plus, they offer more value compared to alternatives like humidifier tablets, capsules, and cartridges. Order our pack of 10 and always have a bag on hand