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Durabasics HEPA Filter Set for Air Doctor Filters Replacement

  • Compatible HEPA Filter Set - Set includes 1 premium HEPA filter and 2 activated carbon filters
  • Premium 3-Stage Filtration - Initial activated carbon pre-filter helps remove unpleasant odors, smells and gases from your home, Second layer of activated carbon pellets filters your air again to ensure the removal of odors. Final HEPA stage helps remove up to 99.97% of airborne irritants and particles larger than 0.3 microns (of the air that passes through the filter)
  • HEPA 13 Material - Our filters are constructed with premium HEPA 13 / MERV 17 material to greatly improve the overall air quality of your home for you and your loved ones
  • Get Rid Of Odors, Smoke & Smells - Our premium 2-stage odor reduction filter set helps keep your home, office, or room smelling fresh and clean. Our filters are perfect for homes with smokers, pets, open layout kitchens, and more
  • Save Money - Reduce your electricity bill by replacing your old, clogged filters that cause your air purifier to work harder than necessary. Start saving now with high-grade HEPA 13 filter replacements!